" America's premium political party, committed to the ideology founded on the simple logic, developed when men ( & women) sit down, talk, and have a beer.

Celebrating our 10th year !

    Welcome to the Official Web Site for the American Beer Drinker's Party.   Open up a cold one and hang around a while.   We are a rag tag group of loyal American's that have become disillusioned with politics as normal.  ( as in RepublicDemocrat Party Inc. )  What we propose and stand for, is a change to a new political system of government, based on the needs of the citizen, as dictated in the Constitution's Preamble. If you don't remember what that says, don't worry, no one in Washington does.
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Press Room  -  Find out what we are up to, and our take on the issues
Central Committee - Who are these bozos
Platform - What we stand for ( for now anyway )
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