Buddy Pilsner -  Chairman / Dictator:   

One of the two original founders of the party. (see History Section)  Leader of the party due to the simple fact. I DO MOST OF THE WORK AROUND HERE !  Anyway, Where was I... Oh yes, info.  Well what's to tell.   Married,( Yes married, sometimes the beer gets you in trouble, just kidding Mrs. Pilsner ! )  Professional White male, 44, seeks.....oops.  Long time politial independent.  Never a member of ANY political party. ( Till now )   Favorite beer, yes... actually Radegast which is a Czech beer.  But here in the states, I usually stick with any standard lite beer.  ( Miller, Bud )

Thirsty Lager - Vice Chairman & Chief Financal Officer:

Thirsty was not the other founding member, but has worked his way up to the number two spot with hard work and determination.  His fridge is also full of beer when I visit, that helps. Thirsty is married with children, (sorry ladies) which explains why he keeps such a good supply of beer on hand.  ( only kidding, Mrs. Lager )  Thirsty brings an interesting prospective of things to the party.

Malt Liquor - Co-Founder : 

Malt was one of the orginal founders of the party.   He was, and continues to be, an inspiration.  Always at our meetings, he helps mediate our drunken discussions, which can become heated.   Unfortunely for us, Walt was not happy with the direction of our party and has desided to start his own.   We will be posting a link to his new party here soon along with information on his new book.  Good luck Mr. Liquor and god speed. 

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